Kitchen update- countertops and range!

This weekend was pretty awesome. We got more countertops installed, the range is now hooked up and working, and we were able to get out on the lake for some awesome fall-time relaxation. Here’s where the kitchen is at currently:






I was also able to install most of the shutters outside now that the lower half of the house has been power washed.





…and of course since the range was hooked up I couldn’t help myself and had to cook something. So what was the first thing I made with that new stove???


Hard cider!! I figured this will be a nice celebration drink we can have for when we move in to our place. It’ll take a week or so to ferment, then I’ll bottle condition it. It should be ready to enjoy in about a month, hopefully right around the time we move in!! Thanks to Mick Telkamp for his recipe found here.

If you are interested in making your own alcoholic draanks, hard cider is a great intro into home brewing because of how easy it is. I’ve made a few batches of beer, and this is my first time with cider, but this is already loads easier. All you need is 5 gallons of unpasteurized cider without any additives of preservatives, some basic equipment, a little sugar, and a packet of champagne yeast and you’re on your way.

Also, ginger beer is fun to make and you don’t really need all the beer making equipment to make either one. You can ferment small batches in old wine jugs. (Carlo Rossi anyone?!)

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6 thoughts on “Kitchen update- countertops and range!

  1. scallieg says:

    Looks awesome! Love the colorful shutters and door, too. Oh and good thinking on the hard cider!

  2. Dude, this is looking awesome! Love the pics of the outside of the house. Those colors are rockin’! Really liking the butcher block countertops in kitchen, too! Wow!

  3. The kitchen is looking good. I love the shutters! I am following the link to the hard cider recipe right now!

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